Junior Coaching Programme

We offer junior after school coaching for ages 3yrs-18yrs. Below is the schedule for this term and a brief explanation for each level.



Description         Age Guide           Day                      Time                           Payment   Member/Non-Mem

Munchkins          3 to 4 years        Monday              4pm-5pm               13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Red              4 to 8 years         Monday              4pm-5pm               13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Orange      8 to 10 years      Monday              4pm to 5pm          13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Green        10 to 12 years    Monday              4pm to 5pm          13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Red              6 to 9 years         Monday              5pm-6pm               13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Orange       8 to 10 years     Monday              5pm to 6pm          13 weeks £91/£111


Junior Comp     12 to 16 years   Tuesday              5pm to 6.30pm   13 weeks £136

Munchkins        3 to 4 years          Tuesday              4pm-5pm               13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Red             4 to 8 years          Tuesday              4pm to 5pm          13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Orange     8 to 10 years       Tuesday               4pm to 5pm        13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Green        10 to 12 years    Tuesday               4pm to 5pm        13 weeks £91/£111


Munchkins         3 to 4 years         Wednesday        4pm-5pm            13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Red             4 to 8 years          Wednesday       4pm to 5pm        13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Orange     8 to 10 years       Wednesday       4pm to 5pm        13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Green       10 to 12 years     Wednesday        4pm to 5pm        13 weeks £91/£111

Teen Tennis       12 to 16 years    Wednesday        5pm to 6pm        13 weeks £91/£111

Junior Comp     12 to 18 years    Wednesday        6pm-7pm            13 weeks £91/£111


Mini Red              4 to 8 years          Thursday             4pm to 5pm       13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Orange       8 to 10 years       Thursday             4pm to 5pm        13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Green         10 to 12 years    Thursday             4pm to 5pm        13 weeks £91/£111

Junior Comp      12 to 18 years     Thursday            5pm to 6pm        13 weeks £91/£111


Teen Tennis         12 to 16 years     Friday                   5pm to 6pm         13 weeks £91/£111


Mini Red               4 to 8 years           Saturday             9am to 10am      13 weeks £91/£111

Mini Orange       8 to 10 years       Saturday              9am to 10am      13 weeks £91/£111

Green Tennis     10 to 12 years    Saturday               10am to 11          13 weeks £91/£111

Teen Tennis         12-16 years         Saturday              11am-12noon    13 weeks £91/£111

Junior Imp           12-16 years         Saturday              12noon to 1pm 13 weeks £91/£111




  • Term starts week beginning Monday 12th April and ends week beginning Monday 12th July .  Courses do not run during the half term week (31st  May – 6th June ).  Reserve week (in case of bad weather) is week beginning 19th  July.
  • Age levels are only a guide. If you are not sure of the correct course for your child please contact Sam Pink.
  • The Head Coach recommends that developing young players play more than once a week, any child playing in 2 groups a week will receive a 3rd group free.
  • Cancellation Policy - Any course that has been paid for will only be refunded if a doctor’s note is received to confirm that the child is unable to participate in the course.  In exceptional circumstances a refund may be permitted for a course that has already started at the discretion of the Head Coach.
  • Young players must come appropriately dressed for the weather conditions.  Any child inappropriately dressed will be asked to stay in the Clubhouse in order to avoid injury/illness.  Players must always bring a drink with them, this is important! Parents should escort young players to the courtside at the start of each session and collect them from courtside at the end of each session.  Coaches can only be responsible for players for the duration of the coaching session.




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Payments can be made online to Sam Pink, Acc No 17304040 sort code 601811.



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