British Tennis Membership

On the Membership Renewal Form you will notice an entry at the bottom relating to British Tennis Membership.

A proportion of your membership fee is paid to North Wales Lawn Tennis Association, NWLTA. These fees not only give us benefits of affiliation but provide insurance, legal guidance, grant advice etc. Previously they also gave us an allocation of Wimbledon tickets. These tickets, whilst not free, were issued pro rata to our membership numbers. In other words the more members registered the more tickets we were allocated. We have had up to 8 pairs in previous years including finals day tickets!

However Wimbledon ticket allocation is now in the hands of British Tennis and the allocation is via clubs but only to members. So to get your chance of Wimbledon tickets for future years you should join British Tennis. They do have other offers and issue periodic magazines to keep you up to date with their activities, see their  website

As a tennis club member, joining British Tennis is currently FREE and if you circle “Yes” on the bottom of the renewal form we will make the application on your behalf. Alternatively, you can register independently via the membership section on their website.