Gullane LTC

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

COURT BOOKING IS CURRENTLY MANDATORY AND ONLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE REGISTERED WITH GULLANE LTC CAN BOOK COURTS. Members can book courts for free, with an additional charge for any guests they bring with them. Visitors can book a court for (i) a court hire fee and (ii) a fee per person playing. Please read the following instructions on the court booking process:
1. The Bookings page on is the only place to book a court. To see a video of the court booking process please click here or go to
2. To book a court, you must first sign into Clubspark (via the Sign-in link at top right of website).
3. Bookings are available for all three courts and for the practice wall. Bookings can be made for a mninmum of three and a maximum of five 15-minute periods. Please make sure that you manually change the finish time to the end of the  period you are looking to book.
4. You can book courts up to 14 days ahead. 
5. Court booking is free for members, with an additional charge for any guests they bring with them. Visitors can book a court for a court hire fee AND a fee per person playing.
6. Each court booking is for a maximum of four players per court.
7. If your tennis ball goes over the fence into the Day Care Centre, we are afraid the ball is lost. Please do not enter the Day Centre’s grounds to retrieve your ball.
9. We strongly suggest you bring some hand sanitiser with you to court. This should be used before and after play.

CLUBHOUSE ACCESS - Clubhouse access is via a key (same key for the top and bottom lock). Keys cost £10 and are available to members only. If you wish to purchase a key, please email [email protected]. Juniors must not use the clubhouse unless an adult is with them.

Floodlight tokens are now available for free (to members only) and are located in the clubhouse on the small table. Should you wish to purchase a key to enter the clubhouse, please email [email protected].

1. The courts are accessible via the locked gate; all players receive a reminder of the code for the keypad when booking a court.
2. At no time must anyone open the gate for any other players, especially if they say they are members and have forgotten the code; in such instances please refuse to open the gate for them and ask them to check the email they received with their booking. Signs to this effect will be placed on the entry gate.
3. If any member experiences aggressive or concerning comments or behaviour from anyone trying to access the courts, please report this in the strictest confidence to the club Safeguarding Officer, Gillian Zanre.

Please remember to leave courts as you would wish to find them. Players play at their own risk.