About Hale Lawn Tennis Club

Our Proud History

Hale Lawn Tennis Club is over 100 years old and we are greatly indebted to the hard work and considerable expertise which has come from members for over 10 decades and contributed to the success of the tennis club today.

Hale Tennis Club Today

We continue to have a thriving tennis team and social calendar. Our team success is unrivalled in the local area and we are very proud of the many tennis league and cup successes we have achieved.

Hale Lawn Tennis Club is an extremely popular tennis club in the North West, due to the family-friendly atmosphere and extensive tennis events. Our tennis coaching staff and members are almost always on site, so there'll always be a friendly face to answer any questions or to offer help if required.

Our Club Committee

Hale Tennis Club is owned by our members and we elect a committee to help with the day-to-day running of the club.

Our current committee members are:

Martyn Smith - President

Martyn joined Hale Lawn Tennis Club with his family in 2012 and has been our Club President since 2017. His role is to ensure the tennis club has a strategic plan that supports both the long-term and short-term success of the club.

Martyn is a regular social and team tennis player at the club.

Georgie Timothy - Secretary

Georgie's role as the Club Secretary is to ensure the committee conducts its business within the rules of the club constitution, which includes organising and recording all committee meetings and our AGM. Outside of the committee, Georgie plays team and social tennis and has the unenviable task of organising our annual tennis tournament.

Adrian Cartwright-Bain - Treasurer

Adrian is in charge of the finances of the tennis club, ensuring they are appropriately managed. He is also in charge of organising our annual Wimbledon ballot.

Outside of the committee, Adrian plays an active part in social and team tennis at Hale Lawn Tennis Club.

Andy Tattersall - Club Captain

Andy has been Club Captain since 2018 and leads a dedicated sub-committee, made up of the team captains and coaches. The sub-committee hold regular meetings to plan and organise our team tennis.

Kevin Smith - Membership & Communications

Kevin has been a member at Hale Lawn Tennis Club since 1996 and became a committee member in 2018, in charge of communications and, as of 2019, memberships.

Kevin also plays an active role in our social and team tennis events.

Mary Timothy - Committee Member, Estate Maintenance & Welfare Officer

Mary has served as a committee member for a number of years. She is currently responsible for ensuring we have appropriate arrangements in place for the maintenance of the tennis facilities, including the clubhouse, tennis courts and grounds, as well as being our dedicated welfare officer.

Halina Dawson - Committee Member

Halina has been a member at Hale Lawn Tennis Club for many years and recently joined the committee in 2020. She has taken on a number of roles, including Health & Safety matters.

Mark Furness - Head Coach

Mark is a Level 5 LTA qualified tennis coach, and has been our head coach here at Hale for over 25 years. Mark is responsible for ensuring our tennis programme is full and varied in order to appeal to all of our members.

Clubmark Accreditation

We gained Clubmark accreditation in May 2009. This is a mark of excellence earned by tennis clubs which, in the opinion of the LTA, demonstrate that they are well-managed and have comprehensive tennis coaching and programmes available to all members.

Accredited tennis clubs must observe best practice in all matters related to the safeguarding of children, which is of great importance to the club.