COVID19 Updated Rules

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As this is a rapidly evolving issue, please refer to this page regularly for the latest advice and guidance from the club.

Update 17th June 2020

Please also read and adhere to the latest government and LTA advice (links below). 



We want the club to remain open - it is up to you to comply, or risk closure. It is each and every individual’s responsibility…..

In accordance with Government advice ( and LTA guidelines to date (, & to help combat the spread of Covid-19, the following measures will be implemented at the club:

Do not come to the club, if you or anyone you have been in contact with shows symptoms of coronavirus, in particular a dry cough or high temperature

  • You must sanitise/wash your hands thoroughly before entering the premises
  • General govt. hygiene recommendation - Avoid touching your face, as the virus is transmitted through eyes, mouth and nose
  • Social distancing (min 2m) must be observed at all times (no shaking hands etc)
  • The clubhouse will remain CLOSED until further notice
  • Only players with an advanced booking (and their opponents) are allowed to be at the club. No spectators
  • Access is only by booking in advance
  • No more than 4 players per court 
  • No changing players with another court during booked times
  • Please use the court number you booked.
  • If you are using court 2, please stand aside when requested to allow access to court 3 and mini courts 
  • If you require a buffer court, please book the  adjacent court and advise [email protected] so space is allocated 
  • Players must be mindful of the time slots. Vacate 10 minutes before the end of the session. 
  • Bring your own balls and take them home after play
  • No club or group sessions, or floodlit play until further notice
  • Please take all rubbish home
  • Use the gate by the car park for access to court 1
  • Use the gate by the clubhouse for access to courts 2 & 3
  • Do not stand near the gates

You must sanitise/wash your hands thoroughly after leaving the club. If you develop any symptoms within 3 days of playing at the club, inform us asap.

Additional notes which must be read in conjunction with the general rules and information previously posted on the news page of our website.


Online booking notes

You must log on with your registered details. 

Should you require a mini court please book court 3.

Booking slots are for 30 minutes but a maximum of 4 slots can be booked at the same time

To allow a safety buffer for change of players, please leave the courts 10 minutes before the end of your allocated time.

At this time a maximum of 3 bookings may be made each week


If you have any problems with bookings please email [email protected] which will be regularly monitored

For urgent queries, please contact 07598 284987 

In due course and when appropriate, the above conditions will be updated accordingly.

It’s our club, let’s show we can manage it responsibly between us!!