Junior Competition

Below is a general run down of what we run for the Mini/Junior players.

Mini Red/Orange & Green Ball competitions:-

For Red/Orange and Green Ball players, we run an internal monthly competition on the 1st Sunday of each month. These competitions are run by members of the committee and we have a large involvement from the parents who help score etc., for what has become a very enjoyable family orientated event. Although this is a very friendly/inviting arena for any players new to competition, it also delivers on the competitive front for those players who want to take it more seriously. It is the perfect stepping stone for players that then want to play in external competitions. The standard of the tennis is constantly improving and it’s great to see how our older juniors have progressed over the five years of running these competitions, which number wise have gone from strength to strength.

Red Ball (4 – 8yrs)

•Scoring - 10 point tie break.

•Played on the 4 specific red ball courts @ Hill Lane.

Orange Ball (9 - 10yrs)

•Scoring - 7 point tie breaks (best of 3).

•Played over the 4 Orange marked out courts @ Hill Lane.

Green Ball (10 - 11yrs)

•Scoring – Short sets (best of 3).

•Played on any spare courts at Hill Lane/Lockington.

For all winners of each competitions we have a Trophy and we give out a prize for the most improved player.

Along with this we run a reward system, which is based on points for matches won/ played. This is a way of helping all children strive for points as they all do not have the chance to win out right. We hand out their points (displayed on a certificate) at the end of every competition. The players build up their points to win Bronze/Silver/Gold medals, within their respective colour.

Junior Yellow Ball Competitions:-

Our Junior Yellow Ball players always used to be part of our monthly competitions, although as the numbers grew this was impossible to run on the same 1st Sunday of each month. We started off with approximately 5 players and the current count is 26! Therefore we now run 5 boxes of 5/6 players in each, the boxes are split by ratings initially, although players can move up or down the boxes through promotion/relegation. We keep the beginners/bottom box as part of the once monthly Sunday competitions, as a number of these players are new to competition and we can be there to assist/help out if needed. The remaining 4 boxes are organised by the players themselves over a three monthly period.

Yellow Ball (11 - 18yrs)

•Currently 26 players, playing within 5 boxes.

•Scoring – Full sets (best of 3)

•Played on courts at Hill lane/Lockington.

The winners of each box win prizes, with the top of each box being promoted to the box above and the bottom of each box being relegated to the box below.