Terms & conditions

Memership terms and conditions:

  1. Payment and uptake of Hingham Tennis Membership implies acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

  2. If accepting the Terms & Conditions of Hingham Tennis as a parent/carer on behalf of a Mini or Junior member, all clauses apply to their membership.

  3. Your annual membership starts on the date of purchase and ends on the renewal date as shown when joining and paying for membership at www.hinghamtennis.co.uk

  4. Your membership cannot be cancelled during this period irrespective of a change to your personal circumstance.

  5. There is a non refundable joining fee of £5 per adult member to cover the cost of the swipe card.

  6. Every adult member will be given the option to have a swipe card to access the Tennis Hut. Replacement cards will be subject to a fee of £10. The court keys will be found in the Tennis Hut and must be replaced after use. 

  7. The membership is not transferable and must only be used by the registered member. Any misuse of membership will result in the membership being cancelled.

  8. The Hingham Tennis Committee reserve the right to cancel any membership in breach of the club policies or terms and conditions HiT members Terms and conditions which in their view is offensive or represents a health and safety danger.

  9. Membership entitles a member to use the club facilities during opening hours. Facility opening times are available on the website.

  10. For the safety of our young players, and to safeguard our premises, players under 13 years old will need to be accompanied by an adult member in the Tennis Hut and when playing on the courts outside Club Sessions. A parent or guardian can take out a Parent Membership if they do not wish to be a full adult member – this package only allows one adult per court to knock-about with a child but is not equivalent to full adult membership.- please see full details of parent membership on the website. The Parent Member will be issued the membership swipe card.

  11. Members taking up Family and Couple packages must input the data for all the individuals under that package. One swipe-card will be issued for each adult in a membership package - additional cards can be purchased.

  12.  Please provide emergency contact details (name and phone number) and update as required (emergency contacts can be added to ‘your profile’ on Hingham Tennis clubspark).

Court bookings for Adult members:

  1. Members can book courts online at www.hinghamtennis.co.uk- BOOKING tab

  2. Members can book courts up to one week in advance and for up to 60 minutes per session when the courts are not reserved for club/ coach sessions or tournaments.

  3. Each member may book up to a maximum of two sessions at any one time. Players are not permitted to have more than two un-played sessions booked at any one time.

  4. Club sessions, tournaments and any special events will be marked on the court bookings sheets on our website as far in advance as possible.

  5. If a member has booked a court but not turned up to play within 15mins after the court booking time started, the court becomes free and other members can play on the court.

  6. To ensure members have the maximum opportunity to use the courts, members are asked to cancel their booking if they know they cannot play. Please do not book courts unless fully intending to play.

  7. Members are welcome to bring up to 2 guests per membership year for each full adult member without additional charge. For guests outside of this allocation there is a £5/ hour charge for each guest (maximum guest fee payable is £10 per court per hour). The member booking the court is responsible for making payment to Hingham Tennis- this can be done in three ways: a) By placing the correct money in the tin inside the tennis hut and signing in your guest in the book- its on the small table to your right as you enter the hut via the main door with your members swipe card b) via bank transfer to Hingham Tennis or c) by adding the guest at the same time as making a court booking (add name of up to 2 guest players by selecting ‘add participant’ (if you have 3 guest players please pay via bank transfer) and making payment via online STRIPE payments using a card (note any refunds of card payments do incur a cost to Hingham Tennis and no refunds will be given if the court booking is cancelled with less than 12 hours notice).

  8. Junior members have different booking rules- please check the next tab  named 'Junior members' on this website.

Court bookings for Junior members:

  1. Junior members under 16 years are not permitted to use courts after 6.30pm in the evenings.

  2. Junior members can book for 60 minutes of play. No additional bookings may be made until this session has passed.

  3. All junior users under 13 years must be accompanied by an adult member when using the courts outside of club organised Junior sessions. The adult or parent member is wholly responsible for the junior’s health, safety and well being at all times whilst at the venue.

  4. At the discretion parent/guardians, junior players age 13 years and over  may use the courts without direct parental supervision. The parent/ guardian must ensure the junior player is mature and responsible enough to be left unsupervised and will behave sensibly, respect other players on court and be able to respond to emergencies should the need arise (having a mobile phone with them is a good idea). Hingham Tennis committee reserve the right to withdraw this privilege to any junior players who behave irresponsibly. Court bookings must be made by the parent of the junior member.

  5. Parents / guardians will be held liable for any damage caused by unsupervised Junior members.

Pay and play for non-members

We wish to welcome everyone to play at Hingham Tennis. We would of course love all players to take up membership and benefit from all we have to offer, but we understand that this option is not for everyone.

We have thought very carefully about the cost of our Pay-and-Play option, and feel our fee has been set at a competitive and realistic level. It is reflective of any fee for any sporting activity locally, allowing us to maintain our facilities and make the club sustainable for the future.

  1. Non-members can book courts online at Hingham Tennis / Booking / Book by date up to a 5 days in advance or via the LTA Rally website. Select the available booking slot (denoted with £ symbol) and make payment by card via the online booking system.

  2. By booking a court you agree to abide by the Hingham Tennis court use rules Hingham Tennis / Court Use (lta.org.uk)

  3. The cost to non members is £10/court/hour, payable online at the time of booking. The cost floodlights, if required, is additional.

  4. Pay and play players under 16 years must be accompanied/supervised by an adult.

  5. When booking for the first time using the website, you will be asked to create a Clubspark account or sign in using your LTA/ facebook/google details. This allows us to log you as a contact. Please add an emergency contact name and number to your Hingham Tennis Clubspark profile.

  6. Pay-and-Players will need a code to the padlock on the car-park-side gate to the courts to gain entry to the courts- once a pay-and-play booking has been made online an email confirmation will be sent which will include this code.

  7. In the unlikely event that the code is not received please email hinghamtennis@gmail.com

  8. No refunds will be given if the court booking is cancelled with less than 12 hours notice.

  9. Hingham Tennis will not be liable to you for any loss, damage or theft of personal property brought onto our premises.

  10. Hingham Tennis has Public Liability Insurance but this does not cover personal injury while playing tennis. Players play at their own risk. Players must make their own assessment as to their fitness to play and must not play against medical advice.