Autumn/Winter 2020/21 - Daytime Club Sessions

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Our traditional daytime social club sessions  are TUESDAY & THURSDAY mornings & FRIDAY afternoons. These sessions typically attracts players that are either retired or have flexible working hours. With our ever growing membership we are seeking to actively encourage all available adult club members to consider daytime play.  We are keen to support daytime play for all abilities... 




Tuesday Social Morning - 9am to 12pm - intermediate/advanced

Thursday Social Morning - 9am to 1230pm - intermediate/advanced

Friday Club Afternoon - 1pm to 4pm - intermediate/advanced



Our PRIOR dayime club sessions, not currently running were:

Monday Ladies Morning - 9am to 11am - beginner/intermediate (930-1030am group coaching available - Roz Cooke)

TBC Wednesday Social Morning - 9am to 11am - beginner/intermediate 

TBC Friday Social Morning - 9am to 11am - beginner/intermediate 

TBC Sunday Club Afternoon - 1pm to 3pm, may move back to mornings

Saturday Junior & Parent Club Morning - 10am to 12pm (peak)

Saturday Club Afternoon - 2pm to 4pm (peak)



Our mission is to create club sessions for members of all ages & abilities, so if you don't think there is a session for you, your family & friends then please get in touch. We will support our members in establishing new club sessions.

For 2020/21 Membership year (01APR20-31MAR21) ALL club sessions are FREE to ALL adult club members who have signed up for the £30 Public Family & Junior Membership.


ALL club sessions were FREE to FULL Peak, Off-Peak & Family adult members, plus invited FULL juniors & there are no charges for balls or floodlights. Public Family adult members (£30pa) can try out club sessions & pay a guest fee of £2 per session. To upgrade to Off-Peak Adult membership (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm) cost an additional £30pa & to upgrade to Full Adult membership cost an additional £60pa. Membership rates will be reviewed in early 2021 & will be notified before 1st April 2021.