GROUP Coaching Opportunities


Coached sessions for children can take place indoors or outdoors, but should be limited to group sizes of no more than 15, plus coach(es) in accordance with the Department for Education’s guidance for providers of out-of-school settings. For Junior Group Coaching full details of days & times will be found on the JUNIOR coaching page & for individual age group coaching initiatives visit the COACHING NEWS section or contact Gary Tovey


Coached sessions for adults may take place outdoors (& indoors later) for venues and coaches that are COVID-19 secure, in line with Government guidance on organising outdoor sport and physical activity events and for providers of grassroots sport and gym/leisure facilities. For ADULT Group Coaching contact Ros Cooke or visit the ADULT coaching page.

ONE to ONE Coaching Opportunities

You can now book One to One Coaching with LTA Accredited Club Coaches as follows:

30 minutes - £10;        45 minutes - £15;        60 minutes - £20


Coaching bookings can be made by phone, text, email, messenger  or facebook page with the individual approved & accredited club coach: Gary Tovey, Roz Cooke


Coaches will position themselves to maintain social distancing from the players at all times ; Drills and feedback/instruction will be adapted to ensure social distancing guidelines can be safely adhered to.


Coaches do not need to use new or fresh tennis balls for each lesson, and are no longer advised to be the only person to touch the tennis balls  Where new or fresh balls aren’t used or where players handle tennis balls as well as the coach, then extra care must be taken to ensure the coach and players do not touch your faces during play, and you should all clean your hands before the session and immediately after finishing (use alcohol gel if required)  Players should bring their own equipment where possible and sharing of equipment should be limited – however, use of communal rackets can be done subject to thorough cleaning processes between uses  Any coaching equipment used (e.g. cones) should be wiped down and cleaned rigorously afterwards  Ensure all equipment is removed from the court at the end of the session.


There will be usual access to first aid and emergency equipment, although everyone is advised to carry a personal first aid provision e.g. plasters.


Adequate space and care will be provided around these smaller courts to maintain social distancing ; Guardian (non-participant) attendance should be limited to one per child where possible, with social distancing strictly observed while watching the session.

SCHOOLSCOMMUNITY GROUPS are always welcome to use the courts & facilities free of charge & further details can be found on the relevant pages. Similarly commuity TODDLERS & their parents/guardians are always welcome, again free of charge!