Coaching Programme

In order to deliver tennis lessons in the safest way possible, we, like many venues, have had to create a policy which ensures that any congestion of people is prevented and that social distancing can be maintained. In order to do this we have to limit the number of people entering the clubhouse and mandate the wearing of masks for all adults and children over the age of 11 moving around the clubhouse. Masks can only be removed after entry to the tennis courts or once an adult is sat down in a designated seat.

We have set out the chairs and tables so that they are the appropriate distance apart and there is now a booking system on our website so that you can pre-book a seat for the hour that your child is on the tennis court. There are 10 seats available in Reception and 5 in the Coffee Shop. Once the seats are all booked, spectators will not be able to enter the Clubhouse.

We also have a one way system in place. Tennis players will enter the Clubhouse through the Front door as they did before but will exit through end of the Coffee Shop, walk onto the outdoor courts and exit through the side gate on the Hockey pitch side. Spectators will be asked to vacate their seats 5 minutes before the end of the session and also exit the clubhouse in the same manner. They will meet up with their children on Outdoor court 1 and leave together.

In summary, on arrival at the Tennis Centre tennis players and their accompanying adults have 3 choices:

1. Drop their tennis player at the main gate. The tennis player proceeds to the clubhouse and the adult returns to the car park

2. Drop their tennis player at the front door of the tennis centre. The tennis player enters the clubhouse and the parent walks onto outdoor court 1 and exits through the gate on the hockey pitch side to get back to the car park.

3. The tennis player and accompanying adult both enter the Clubhouse and go straight to their pre-booked designated table/chair.

Should the accompanying adult wish to have a takeaway coffee from the Coffee Shop, they may proceed along the outdoor path and order through the glass doors without entering the clubhouse.

For those people in the clubhouse, the Coffee Shop will be open for drinks, snacks & sandwiches and orders will be taken from and delivered to the designated seats.

The full Covid 19 Safety policy can be read here:  C 19 Safety Policy

For details of the Autumn Term Coaching Programme Timetable  please click here:  AUTUMN TERM JUNIOR COACHING

All coaching is booked here on this page, but if you have any questions you can call us on 01992 476880 and we'll be happy to help.