Coaching Programme

The Spring Term 2022 Junior Coaching Programme is now available to book on our website.  A copy of the timetable is available HERE. The new term starts on Tuesday 4th January and runs to Sunday 3rd April.

Meanwhile, the current term continues until Sunday 19th December.  A copy of the Autumn Term timetable is available here:  Autumn Term 2021

Groups can be booked here, if you filter by day it will be easier to find the session that you'd like.

Spectators no longer need to book seats and the coffee shop is open as usual but we will continue to move you on towards the end of the session to avoid the Clubhouse getting too busy.


Our ADULT Coaching Programme is also booked on this page.  Please click  HERE for the timetable.  We have a selection of basic tennis training, cardio sessions and advanced team training.  If you have any questions about which group is best for you, please just ask.