Cardio Tennis

We are thrilled to announce that our courts are buzzing to the sound of Cardio Tennis.

This is such a fun activity for our members, as you practice your shots and footwork to the beat of the music, hardly knowing that you are actually burning off upto 500 calories/hour.

With specially selected playlists, designed to reflect the beat of your heart, each session will fly by with a big grin on your face.

And all this fun with the reassurance that our fully qualified Cardio Tennis Coach, Paul, will check your heart rates at the end of every drill to ensure that you are training safely and efficiently.

This could be the best 60 minutes of fun you have each week!

Take a look at our current court timetable. There are sessions throughout the week, so just contact Paul - WhatsApp message on 07368684806 or email - to let him know that you'll be attending.