Annual results


Play your way to Wimbledon: Club Champion Stanley Ilounoh ; Runner-Up Euan Christie




Longthorpe Club Championships
11th/12th September


Mini Green Tournament

Winner Victor Rios

Runner up Jakub Klatkiewicz

U.18 Singles
Winner. Seth Briggs-Williams
Runner-up Harry Clark


Under14 Singles
Winner:  Alexi Tarazi
Runner-Up:  Charlie Whitty

3rd: Euan Christie


Men's Open Singles
Winner: Seth Briggs-Williams
Runner-up: Harry Clark
Plate Winner: Toby Eldred


Ladies Open Singles

Winner: Vicky Axe

Runner Up: Caroline Worth


Men's Open Doubles
Winner: Seth Briggs-Williams/Ashley Martin
Runners-up: David Howarth / Martin Trayford
Plate Winner: Alan Swan / Paul Stevenette 


Ladies Open Doubles
Winner: Alison Hurford / Ruth Swann
Plate Winner: Angie Axe / Vicky Axe


Mixed Open Doubles
Winner: Ruth Swann / Harry Clark
Runners-up: Alison Hurford  / Mo Malkera
Plate Winner: Toby Eldred / Vicky Axe


O.45 Men's Doubles
Winners: Hans Seeberg / Tim Palmer

Runners-up: Graham Moyle / Paul Stevenette
Plate Winners: Jason Burgess / Martin Trayford 



O.45 Ladies Doubles
Winners: Caroline Worth / Sue Sansom
Plate Winners: Jane Wheble  / Sylvia Murray


O.45 Mixed Doubles
Winners: Ruth Swan / Alan Swan
Runners-up: Lesley Luton / Mark Peters

O.65 Ladies Doubles
Winners: Angie Axe / Liz Norfolk


O.65 Men's Doubles
Winners: Graham Moyle / Mike Piggott
Runners-up: Bill Sansom / Ray McDonald


Longthorpe Club Championships
17th/18th October 2020

U.18 Mixed Singles
Winner. Seth Briggs-Williams
Runner-up Harry Clark
3rd Sam Mackenzie
4th Maliha Mirza

Under14 Mixed Singles
Winner:  Alexi Tarazi
Runner-Up:  Aditi Sharma

3rd Maliha Mirza
4th Charlie Witty

Men's Open Singles
Winner Seth Briggs-Williams
Runner-up Hans Seeberg
Plate Winner Paul Stevenette

Men's Open Doubles
Winner Seth Briggs-Williams/Ashley Martin
Runners-up David Stevenette / Hans Seeberg
Plate Winner Martin Trayford / David Howarth

Ladies Open Doubles
Winner Alison Hurford / Ruth Swann
Runners-up Lesley Luton / Hannah Baker
3rd Angie Axe / Vicky Axe

Mixed Open Doubles
Winner Lesley Luton / Harry Clark
Runners-up Ruth Swann / Mo Malkera
Plate Winner Alison Hurford / Scott Murray

O.45 Men's Doubles
Winners Jason Burgess / Martin Trayford
Runners-up Graham Moyle / Paul Stevenette
Plate Winners Andy Clark / Paul Betambeau

O.45 Ladies Doubles
Winners Lesley Luton / Alison Hurford
Runners-up Angie Axe / Stylvia Murray
Plate Winners Liz Norfolk / Caroline Worth

O.45 Mixed Doubles
Winners Angie Axe / Graham Moyle
Runners-up Ruth Swann and Alan Swann
Plate Winners Lesley Luton / Martin Trayford

O.65 Men's Doubles
Winners Dave Owen / Bob Wilkinson
Runners-up Dave Fisher / Graham Moyle

O.65 Ladies Doubles
Winners Angie Axe / Liz Norfolk
Runners-up Jill Buxton / Sue Sansom
Plate Winners Caroline Worth / Jane Wheble


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