Club History

Macclesfield Tennis Club has a long and proud history dating from 1905, making it one of the oldest tennis clubs in Cheshire. It was originally founded for the wives of Macclesfield Cricket Club, and until 1992 was situated within the grounds of Macclesfield Cricket Club on Victoria Road. The early courts would have been grass but were later converted to shale.  Tennis in those days was a summer activity and anyway the courts were not playable in winter. 


As time went on the club became a sperate entity and in 1991 members voted to leave Victoria Road and move elsewhere. After looking at various locations Ryles Park School was chosen. In those days the school had five courts and an enormous playing field area–which proved fortunate later in the development plans.  Play started at Ryles Park in the spring of 1992.


Then next three years were spent trying to find a suitable site to re-develop and obtain sufficient finance to do so. It was fortunate that land was available at Ryles Park adjacent to the existing school courts. The first finance, £40,000, came from the Foundation for Sport and the Arts.  The second piece of good fortune was when Lottery funding was introduced.  The club obtained one of the first Lottery grants. So, with this finance and a loan from the LTA four artificial grass courts were built and opened in 1995.   The next task was to build a clubhouse and install floodlights on the two courts permitted by the planners. The clubhouse and floodlights were officially opened in 1997, thanks partly to the Lottery funding when the costs escalated.


The club flourished and membership grew, soon more courts were needed.  Another development sub-committee and another round of grant and loan applications were needed, including a second grant from the Lottery.  In 2003 three new courts and the mini courts were opened.


Our facilities, especially the clubhouse, are the envy of several other clubs in the area. There are several plans to further develop the club, including adding more floodlights as and when enough money has been raised.