Summer League

This will commence in April, anyone interested in taking part please contact Penny or Neil at compete@marlboroughtennis.co.uk . We field three Ladies doubles, three Mens Doubles and two Mixed Doubles teams.

We'd love to see players promoting the club by wearing a club shirt, or top (any item will do) to keep helping build both awareness of the club as a hidden gem and for team spirit. Try out our club shop here.

Good sporting behaviour is a requirement. 

If you are interested in selection for league play please contact Penny Smith or Neil Emery at compete@marlboroughtennis.co.uk with your availability.  Where we are able we will hold practice and coach led training sessions for teams.  Coaching sessions have been organised with Neil Watts for doubles play

To see the progress of our teams please see the LTA tournament website  We encourage club members to come out and support our teams as they battle away!