BLOCK BOOKING and paying for the lessons in advance. The coaching courses will be run on a 6-week block basis for players who book the blocks in advance and make a saving. For example If you book a block of 6-weeks Adult session, you will only pay for 5-weeks (£70.00). The advance booking will only apply to a specific course code or day, in other words course codes or days cannot be mixed in case of missed lessons.

HOW THE BLOCK BOOKING WORKS: The advance block booking will work as follows:

For example, for Monday sessions, the first 6 weeks blocks will be from Monday 17th April to 22nd May 2023, the second block for Mondays will be from 29th May to 3rd July 2023.The 6-week blocks will count from when you attend the first session. This booking system will apply to all junior and adult coaching courses and events. The block must be paid for in advance and attendance must be continuous and cancellation policy applies.


The Bank details for electronic transfers are provided when you make the booking. Cash payments will only be accepted as a last resort. Cheques are acceptable and must be made out to TeeM Tennis Coaching. Invoices are available on request.

All lessons must be paid in full whether attended or not. Any lessons cancelled in advance or last minute ( unless the lesson runs for 30 minutes or more ) by the coach due to coach absence will be credited to the next lesson.

Cancellations & Bad Weather & Refund Policy

We always aim to run our sessions regardless of numbers and the starting point is that we do not cancel lessons –providing it is safe to do so! We endeavour to provide advance notice of non-running of lessons. Last minute cancellations are rare and only taken made under special circumstances in most cases not less than 30 minutes before the lesson is due to start (as sometimes the weatherman often gets it wrong and also weather can change very quickly). We take a very sensible approach to bad weather. In the event that a risk assessment by the coach calls for discontinuation of a lesson the “BAD WEATHER POLICY “will apply:

1st lesson lost     =    player stands cost;

                     2nd lesson lost    =   1 x £credit for next block’s fees;

                 3rd lesson lost     =    1 x credit for next block…etc…

Please note that refunds will not be issued for missed sessions