Important Info


Parents are expected...

  1. To provide support for your child and others
  2. To support officials by accepting their decisions, not getting involved in on court matters and not coaching during matches
  3. To notify coaching officials of any concerns so they can resolve it
  4. To respect the spirit of Fair Play and create a positive environment
  5. To show respect to others and never use inappropriate or offensive language and gestures
  6. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and young people in their care
  7. To AVOID going on court during junior coaching sessions unless specifically invited to do so by the coaching staff.
  8. NOT to coach another person’s child during official Mirfield Junior Tennis Development events
  9. To AVOID reprimanding another person’s child for any reason whatsoever. They MUST raise their concerns with the coaching stuff at all times.


  1. Please Park safely in the parking area within the grounds of the park. Ensure young people walk safely in the car park and use the path which runs along the bowling green fence.
  2. Bring your children to the clubhouse where there maybe some notices for you. Please ensure the Coach is aware your child/ren has/have arrived before you leave them.
  3. Always walk along the side of the tennis courts instead of across the courts even if there is no play. This is to prevent your shoes from marking the play area.
  4. If there are any juniors who walk by themselves to and from the coaching sessions, please advise the Head Coach in writing. Best practise is also to follow up with a  text the Head Coach advising whether the players are attending the session or not.
  5. Be aware no junior player will be allowed to leave the mid-session unless by prior arrangement with the parents.
  6. Pick up is from the main gate court number 6. nearer the car park.
  7. As a courtesy to other junior players parents are not allowed to call their children unless they have been released from the session by the coach.
  8. If you come early or have extra time, I am more than happy to facilitate that the juniors have a hit with each other or by themselves in a safe area.
  9. We plan to have all sessions start and end on time. However, in the event of the coaching staff running late for whatever reason, you will be advised via the WhatsApp groups. The standard procedure is to wait with your child/ren safely until the coaching staff arrive.
  10. Our aim is to take the hassle out of your busy schedule, and we will endeavour to do all we can so that your children can have a great experience during every session at Mirfield Tennis Club.
  11. It is my expectation that all Tennis players in our programme will look after their things, so please do not be offended if they want to carry their own things!


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