Racketball is the UK's fastest growing sport and has been becoming increasingly popular with our members. We have 5 glass backed well maintained squash courts on which to play on and a fantastic viewing area for anyone wanting to come down and support our league matches.

What is Racketball?

Racketball is like squash but a lot easier to play and is the easiest of the Racket Sports to pick up.  Although it is played on a squash court the scoring and rules are different. The racket is shorter, with a bigger head and the ball is much bigger and bouncier meaning it's easier to hit the ball and the rallies go on for much longer.

It is a great sport to burn calories and get fit while improving your reflexes and your hand-eye coordination.

We can offer both social and competitve play to our members.

How do I get involved?

Matt Bedwell , who is a qualified squash and racketball coach takes various sessions that are FREE to members where he encourages beginners and experienced players to improve their game in a relaxed but fun environment.

Club night - Tuesday 7pm to 9pm
Free adult coaching for all levels.

Private coaching

Coaching can help you develop your skills, boost your confidence and work on any areas that you feel need improved.

Coach: Alan Susskind
Mobile: 07968 070 222
Email: alansusskind@gmail.com

Cost: £15/45mins.

Play competitively

For more information or if you would like to join the mini leagues contact Reception.

To see the sport played at a high level come and watch the teams play other clubs in the West of Scotland summer leagues. Last year Newlands First Team were runners up in the first Division and the Second Team won the Second Division