Aims & Objectives

The Norfolk Lawn Tennis Association, better known as ‘Norfolk Tennis’ exists to promote tennis, in all its forms, across the County. Although we take our lead, and much of our funding, from the LTA we are an independent body that is largely run by volunteers.

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Within the umbrella of the LTA’s overarching aim of 'Tennis Opened Up' our mission is "to grow tennis in Norfolk by making it relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable".  

Our key objectives are as follows:

1. Work with the LTA, venues, parents, educational establishments, and other organisations to increase opportunities for players of all ages and backgrounds to play and, where so desired, develop their games in a safe environment.

2. Promote and build support for tennis in Norfolk amongst players, parents, and stakeholders through a mix of readily accessible, up to date and user-friendly mediums.

3. Support and develop competitive tennis across the county and ensure county representative teams achieve the best results possible and are competitive in the County Cup Race.

4. Maintain and improve a broad-based performance programme for juniors from all backgrounds with the aim of developing top 50 ranked players in each age group and being competitive in the County Cup Race. 

5. Ensure the governance of Norfolk Tennis remains professional, committed to diversity, and maximises funding opportunities.

Many people will be surprised to learn that almost all of our key roles are held by volunteers, who often mix their love of tennis with other work and family commitments. Our total budget, which amounts to approximately £80,000 per year, funds three part-time posts, namely our performance officer, marketing officer and our administration, and is otherwise geared to supporting the development of juniors, the growth of clubs & our playing base, our aspiration to make tennis as inclusive as possible and County representative competitions.

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Norfolk Tennis Postal Address: Norfolk Tennis, C/O East Anglia Tennis & Squash Club, 8-13 Lime Tree Road, Norwich NR2 2NQ