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Welcome to the Nottinghamshire Tennis website for County Training. Here you'll be able to find information about opportunities for players and the details of how we work. A separate website can be found with more information on the wider county programme here

Our Values

Nottinghamshire Tennis believes that training and competing as a team is important to the development of players.  The team atmosphere with each individual working towards a larger goal is not as common in tennis and opportunities to work with others provides skills that individual competitions cannot.

Why offer training sessions?

We want all players to be involved with their club programme and for this reason, our county sessions do not clash with any of the club programmes as we run on Sundays in the evenings. The benefits of county training are below:

- It keeps players within their social age and group, alongside player's they wouldn't necessarily see at tournaments, particularly players of the opposite gender.

- We believe that a focus on teamwork in the individual sport of tennis can have a positive impact on keeping a player motivated

- The standard of the sparring in the sessions at a high coaching level is high as each session has hitting partners to ensure every player can be pushed above their level

Why have team competitions?

Nottinghamshire Tennis compete in two competitions, 12 Counties event in Corby and in the LTA County Cup events. We believe that team competition, in our individual sport, is important for the following reasons:

- Working as part of a team builds communication skills

- Supporting each other through the highs and lows of competition together helps to bring players together who might otherwise see themselves as opponents

- Sharing the experience of competition can build friendships that last a lifetime

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