Junior County Training

Nottinghamshire Tennis relaunched it's junior county training programme in September 2018 and have had over 70 players involved in the programme across 5 venues in Nottinghamshire. We have a team of 10 coaches that work across the age ranges of 8-18 years old, facilitating monthly sessions that are based around Nottinghamshire's tactics and teamwork.

Nottinghamshire Tennis finished =11th on the 2019 County Leaderboard nationally, an increase of 22 places in the country that was recognised in the county winning the Most Improved County Award 2019. The link below takes you to the County Cup Race and explains which events count towards the award.


The sub-tabs of this page contains the information that we use to select teams for our training sessions, as well as our county coaches

If you have any questions then please email [email protected]

Andy is our County Training Coordinator and is responsible for the organisation our training sessions, liaising with our Age Group Captains who are all responsible for a group of 8 players across the age groups.