Ball Machine Instructions

Ball Machine Safety Instructions

Oundle Tennis Club provide the ball machine for the benefit of members. We are delighted if you want to use it, but please book it out using the booking system here and before using the machine you MUST familiarise yourself with these instructions.

  1. Please read the operating instructions. There is a link to the instructions on the club’s website and they are available  here.
  2. You are required to acknowledge that you have read these instructions by completing the log book stored with the machine before every use.
  3. Do not reach or look into the ball exit hole without turning the main power off, and only after both wheels come to a complete stop, and do not stand closer than 10 metres in front of the ball machine whilst the power is on. The machine is designed to discharge balls at speed and there is therefore a risk of injury to anyone in the firing line or anyone who accesses the moving parts whilst the machine is operating.
  4. Do not place balls or foreign objects into the ball hopper while the feeder tray is moving. It could cause jam and damage the feeder motor.
  5. Overloading of balls into the ball hopper may result in a jam of the feeder. No more than 120 balls should be put inside the ball hopper at once.  Feel free to use the collection tube (which is in the seat of the white bench just inside the clubhouse) to collect the balls up.
  6. Do not use the machine while it is raining or use wet tennis balls.
  7. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult when using the machine.
  8. If you find any defect or are otherwise concerned about the functioning of the machine please stop using it immediately and report it to [email protected]
  9. The ball machine should be charged after use for one hour. You can plug it into the new socket inside its storage box or use the plug in the lamp post adjacent to gate to Court 1 but only if it is not raining.  Please return later/the next day to take it off charge.
  10. Do not, for any reason, attempt to carry it up the steps into the clubhouse or be aware that  we do not advise taking it down to Courts 4 & 5 if avoidable.

Many thanks

The OTC Committee