Club History

Palmerston was originally based at Palmerston Road, opposite Mossley Hill station. The founders were the late Messrs T.K.Richardson, J.C.Kent, E.D.Davies and W. Jackson. Due to their devoted interest, the club survived the war years between 1939-1945.

The Liverpool and District Group was formed in 1949 and Palmerston entered two men’s and two ladies teams. In 1954, the ground which was leased to the club was being sold by the British Railway. The club could not afford to buy the land so were forced to find a new site. The new site was Elm Hall Drive.

The new location was weeds and old roots where courts 1 to 4 presently exist. The remaining area (courts 5 and 6 ) were allotments cultivated by local residents. 4 shale courts were ready in time for the 1954 season. The earliest record we can identify was Palmerston A being the men’s first division champions in 1955.

In 1962, the club purchased the allotments and built courts 5 and 6, resulting in 6 shale courts being available. During 1965, the old pavilion was knocked down and a new one was built. The members continued to get changed in two male and female sheds, until 1968 when the pavilion was extended to provide changing rooms, showers, kitchen and a lounge / bar. The bar was opened in 1969. In 1976 we updated 3 shale courts to 3 all weather (courts 1 to 3) and in 1984 we also changed the remaining 3 shale to all weather courts.

In 1990, the committee voted to change the surface on courts 1-3 to a new astroturf surface. The turf was replaced 1999 with a better quality and longer-lasting surface.

From 1999 onwards into the new millennium, it became more and more apparent that the 3 hard courts were universally unpopular, leading to the 3 main courts being overused. In the winter of 2008, it was decided to replace the 3 hard courts with another type of artificial grass. Work started in March 2009 and the courts were ready for the league season at the end of May. The new courts were an instant hit and Palmerston enjoyed one of it’s busiest ever seasons.

The long-standing astroturf on courts 1 to 3 were showing significant wear-and-tear after years of play. In April 2022, they were replaced with a newer version of astroturf which were ready at the very beginning of the 2022-23 league season.