Adult Coaching 2024


Please email your membership application to the Club Manager before booking one of these sessions.

These sessions will give you a chance to play at the club, meet some of the coaches and practice your tennis before the Play-Ins.

10th February 3.30pm 11th February 5pm



Cardio Drills (Spanish Drills) 

Practice your shots while getting a good workout. Basket fed drills. Booking open 1 week in advance. 

Tuesdays 7pm and Sundays 12pm during term time.

Tuesdays 7pm

Sundays 12pm 

We would like to remind you that if you do sign up for a course and are not able to make all the sessions, we cannot promise to find availability to make these up as the other courses are often full. We will ONLY offer a refund for sessions missed due to injury. 

The Adult Group Coaching programme commences  8th January 2024. To book please click links.

Basic Skills

This course is designed for those who are still relatively new to tennis or have had a long break away from the game. It will cover all strokes and include some basic tactics.  Open to non-members.

Tuesday 8pm Thursday 9.30am Friday 7pm


Adult Level 1 Doubles focused course

Requirements: Players can rally, serve, understand scoring and play doubles.

The focus will be on consistency and basic technique as well as doubles positioning and simple doubles tactics. Open to Non-Members.

Tuesday 9am Friday 6pm Sunday 11am


Adult Level 2 Doubles focused course

Requirements: Players can vary shots, serve to a particular side of the box, have a good understanding of doubles play.

Players learn to use a variety of spins in different situations, directing the ball accurately and shots such as the drop shot. It is doubles focused including working on tactical match play. Open to Non-Members.

Monday 7pm Wednesday 11am Thursday 2pm


Adult Level 3 and 4 Doubles focused courses (Invitation only)

 If you are interested in signing up for Level 3 or Level 4 please contact 

Requirements: Players have good tactical awareness, can play all shots and understand when to use certain shots. 

The level 3  course looks at technical and tactical development in match play situations, as well as more advanced doubles tactics.          

Level 3 Monday 8pm Thursday 7pm

Level 4 - Players have now reached a very proficient level in their tennis. They can execute all shots with pace and spin, understand what to do tactically on the doubles court, and are close to, or perhaps even in the teams. 

Level 4 Thursdays 8pm