Adult Coaching 2022

Adult Coaching at PLTC programme

Please note the  programme will start  w/c 10/01/2022.

Basic Skills

This course is designed for those who are still relatively new to tennis or have had a long break away from the game. It will cover all strokes and include some basic tactics.  Open to non-members.

Adult Level 1 Doubles focused course

Requirements: Players can rally, serve, understand scoring and play doubles.

The focus will be on consistency and basic technique as well as doubles positioning and simple doubles tactics.

Adult Level 2 Doubles focused course

Requirements: Players can vary shots, serve to a particular side of the box, have a good understanding of doubles play.

Players learn to use a variety of spins in different situations, directing the ball accurately and shots such as the drop shot. It is doubles focused including working on tactical match play.

Adult Level 3 Doubles focused course

Requirements: Players have good tactical awareness, can play all shots and understand when to use certain shots.

This course looks at technical and tactical development in match play situations, as well as more advanced doubles tactics.

Singles Ladder Training

Requirements: players regularly playing singles at the club or in the ladder.

This course includes technical and tactical tips in singles, learning through game play. No drills.

Adult Mix In

A coach organised doubles mix in.

Cardio Drills (Spanish Drills)

Practice your shots while getting a good workout. Basket fed drills.

Ladies Team Training

Requirements: Players must be in a team.

1st, 2nd & 3rd teams will alternate weeks with 4th and 5th teams. A reminder will be sent out to relevant team members each week to notify you when it is your team’s week for training. A doubles course focusing on tactics and high intensity training.

Adult level 1 Adult level 2 Adult level 3
Monday 9.30am Monday 10.30am Wednesday 11.00am
Friday  6.00pm Thursday 2.00pm Thursday 8.00pm
  Saturday  2.30pm Friday 7.00pm
Singles Ladder Cardio Drills Basic Skills
Monday 1.00pm Tuesday 7.00pm Tuesday 9.00am
Adult Mix In Friday 9.30am Tuesday 8.00pm
Tuesday 10am Sunday 12.00pm  
Ladies' Team training Team Development training  
Monday 7.00pm Wednesday 7.30am