Summer 2022 Junior Coaching Programme

Junior Coaching Programme at Putney LTC.

Tots to Green groups have a maximum ratio of 1 coach to 6 players. Yellow groups have a maximum ratio of 1 coach to 8 players. Each session incorporates technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of the game. The programme is split into the following age groups:


Tots (Age 3-5) - The players will learn a variety of athletic skills as well as progressing to pushing the ball along the floor and hitting over a low net. The main focus will be on fun and enjoying the sport.

Tuesday 4pm Wednesday 4pm Thursday 4pm Saturday 8.15am


Red (Age 5-8) - Players will continue to develop their movement as well as sending and receiving skills. Their goal will be to rally in the red court starting with a ready position,  understanding the movement to the ball followed by their recovery after the shot. Players will also be taught the basics of starting a rally/point with a serve.

Monday 4pm Monday 5pm Tuesday 4pm Wednesday 4pm Thursday 4pm
Friday 4pm Saturday 9am Saturday 10am Sunday 9am  


Orange (Age 8-9) - Players will now move to a bigger court. They will continue their technical development and begin to learn about some of the tactical parts of tennis.

Monday 5pm Tuesday 5pm Wednesday 5pm Thursday 5pm Saturday 9am


Green (Age 9-10) - Players will experience playing on a full size court for the first time. This stage is designed to help them adjust to the bigger court, higher bounces, and greater distances required to move, whilst still maintaining a focus on technical and tactical development.

Monday 6pm Thursday 5pm Friday 5pm Saturday 10am


Yellow (Age 10+) - Players will play with regular tennis balls for the first time. They should now be working towards rallying from the back of the court, playing points and understanding the ball characteristics (height, depth, speed, spin & direction).

Monday 6pm Tuesday 6pm Wednesday 5pm Thursday 5pm
Saturday 11am Saturday 12pm Sunday 10am  


The team programme is a step up and is for players who wish to compete or are already competing. This is by invitation only - please contact [email protected] for more information.



Matchplay (Red, Orange, Green/Yellow) - This is a coach led session allowing players to learn and practice playing matches. It is a free session for anyone that takes part in two sessions per week and that can serve and rally.

Red/Orange Matchplay 9am

Green/Yellow Matchplay 1pm





Please contact [email protected] if you  have any problems with booking your son or daughter into the Summer Term Programme 2022.