Junior Coaching at Riverside

Our 13 x week  Summer 2021 Junior Coaching Programme is now open for bookings. Get in touch with us if you'd like to join as we always charge pro-rata.

Our coaching is available for non-members and members alike. You can register and pay online. We mirror the 3 terms of the school year and follow a carefully designed annual training plan. New and exciting themes delivered by our coaching team on a 2 week rotation and end of term tournaments make for exciting and challenging lessons where the children get in to the heart of the action at the club.


Tons of cool kit to play with, bright colours and fun games. A fantastic way to introduce your child to the game whilst learning the nuts and bolts of all the shots. Midweek sessions to fit around preschool and busy lifestyles. Once in reception, children move on to Mini Tennis. 

MINI TENNIS - For Kids Ages 4-10

Awesome fun for kids aged 4-10 with smaller courts and cool equipment to use. A great introduction to the game. At this stage of learning, the children are developing the FUNdamentals of the game: co-ordination, agility, reactions, balance and perception are key to helping the player improve whilst having fun. Sessions run throughout the week and on weekends. We also run Mini Tennis Camps in the Holidays. Once children have moved through all the colours, they are ready for the full version of the game and our 'Challenger Sqauds'.

Mini Red ACERS 2 (Reception/School Year 1)

Mini Red RIPPERS 2 (School Year 2)

Mini Red HOT SHOTS 2 (School Year 3)

Mini Orange HOT SHOTS 2 (School Years 4&5)

Mini Green HOT SHOTS 2 (School Years 5&6)

CHALLENGER SQUADS - For Children aged 10-18

Our Challenger Squads are for players aged 10-18 and develop skills on a full size court. These squads also provide a solid start to new players taking up the game. More complex challenges are taught alongside technical and tactical learning. A great way to hit the court with us!


You can join part way through the term if you want. Check out our latest Junior Coaching Programme here


Check out our Performance Training set up if you're looking to push to reach your potential and compete with the best !