Cost to play

Players, whether a Member or Non Member, must book a court via the Club's website prior to arriving at the Club.

There is a £1 court booking fee per court per hour.

Members - no additional fee to play

Non-Members/Guests - £5 per person, per court, per hour.


Examples: 2 members playing for 1 hour = £1 court booking fee (£1 total)

                   1 member plus 1 non-member playing for 1 hour  =  £1 court booking fee + £5 guest fee, (£6 total)

                   2 non-members playing for 1 hour = £1 court booking fee + 2 guest fees @ £5 each, (£11 total)


At the time of booking a court, the names of all the players should be listed in the "add participants" section. There will then be the option to select "member" or "guest." The final cost will be shown before paying for a court.

If there is a combination of Members and Non-Members playing, it is the responsibilty of the Member/s to ensure the correct payment has been made.