Coaching Programme 2024

Please see details below for all Junior & Adult Coaching sessions at Spital Bowls & Tennis Club.

Any questions regarding any of the Junior and Adult coaching sessions, then please email Head Coach -



Junior Coaching:

Orange Tennis

Thursday 5pm to 6pm

Ages 8 to 12

Teaches basic techniques and tactics in a fun environment

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Tiny Tots Tennis

Saturday 8:30am to 9am

Ages 2 to 4

Improving Agility, Balance and Coordination of 2 to 4 year olds Through Fun Tennis Based Activities!

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Red Tennis

Saturday 9am to 10am

Ages 5 to 8

Teaches both generic and tennis specific skills. Basic rules & games are introduced alongside basic technical points

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Orange Tennis

Saturday 10am to 11am

Ages 8 to 10

Teaches basic techniques and tactics in a fun environment

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Yellow Tennis

Saturday 11am to 12pm

Ages 11 to 16

Yellow tennis sessions provide technical and tactical support in game based scenarios 

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Adult Coaching:


Thursday 6pm to 7pm

Ages 16+

For players new to tennis or those keen to learn the basics. Learn how to serve, rally, score and basic match play

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Thursday 7pm to 8pm 

Ages 16+

For more experienced players, focusing now on tactical and technical intentions

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Individual Coaching:

Head Coach: Matt Bode 

Phone: 07462 543486


Facebook & Instagram: @MattTennisCoach