Youth Matchplay

Welcome to the central hub to enter all Youth Matchplay Circuit events across Wales. Find your local circuit, enter events and start your competitive tennis journey.

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What is Youth Matchplay?

Matchplay is often a child’s first experience of individual competitive tennis. Aimed at kids 9 and under, players will experience singles and doubles matches in fun, friendly 2 hour sessions.

What happens at a Youth Matchplay event? 

  • The organiser will give a friendly welcome, take the kids through an energetic warm up and explain the rules. 
  • There’ll be lots of quick matches against players of a similar ability. 
  • While they aren’t playing in matches will keep score and be ball kids. No hanging around here! 
  • Players will always compete in singles and doubles matches – this develops both their tennis and social skills. 


For more information check out  LTA Youth Matchplay.