Club Rules & Policies

Trottiscliffe Tennis Club aims to be compliant with various regulations and guidelines to ensure the safety, well being, and privacy of members, guests, officials, and visitors.  Members should ensure that they are familiar with the content of these documents.

Membership Terms & Conditions

By joining Trottiscliffe Tennis Club (TTC) you agree to become a member of the Club under the terms and conditions available via the link below and comply with the Club's rules and policies.  If you are enrolling a Junior Member, you agree to be responsible for the Junior Member(s) in your charge.  Junior Members are defined as members under the age of 18 years.  Please note that no children under the age of 14 years may be on the Club premises unsupervised.

Membership Terms & Conditions

TTC Core Values

The Club’s aim is to develop and maintain a thriving and friendly tennis community appealing equally to families, juniors, and adults of all ages and abilities, whether seasoned match players or beginners new to the game.   All Club Members are expected to adopt and promote the Club’s Core Values which are as follows:

  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and encourage others to become part of, and contribute to, a club-based tennis community.
  • Strive to be fair, open-minded, and transparent in all that we do as club members.
  • Encourage diversity, inclusiveness, and fair play, both on and off the tennis court.
  • Be open, friendly, supportive, and respectful to all members, guests, and visitors.

Club Rules

All members, their guests, and other visitors are required to observe the Club Rules which are available via the following link.

Club Rules

Court Booking

Access and use of the tennis courts are only allowed where reservations have been made using the Court Booking System available on the Club website.  The terms & conditions relating to court bookings are available by selecting the following link.

Court Booking - Terms & Conditions

Health & Safety

Trottiscliffe Tennis Club (TTC) is committed to a Health & Safety policy that ensures safe facilities for our Members and their Guests.   The Club’s Health & Safety Officer has overall responsibility for health and safety management at the Club.  Members are encouraged to identify any potential risks or hazards and report these to the Health & Safety Officer.  The TTC Health & Safety Policy is available by selecting the following link.

Health & Safety Policy

As part of the Health & Safety Policy, it is important for the Club to record any significant accidents and injuries which will help ensure future risks can be minimised.  Please select the link below to record any accidents or injuries using the online form provided.

Accident Reporting Form

Data Protection

TTC ensures that information on its members is stored securely and is not made available to the general public or any third parties.  The TTC Data Protection Policy meets this requirement and is compliant with current EU and UK regulations including the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679.  The TTC Data Protection Policy is available by selecting the following link.

Data Protection Policy


TTC acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults at risk.  The Club is committed to ensuring its safeguarding measures comply with best practices, and meet current LTA guidelines. The Club’s Welfare Officer, Lesley Benge, can be contacted confidentially by phone on 07762 378915 or by email at [email protected]  The TTC Safeguarding Policy is available by selecting the following link.

Safeguarding Policy

Diversity & Inclusion

The TTC Diversity Policy sets out the Club's commitment to diversity and inclusion and includes the Safe and Inclusive Standards, the Code of Conduct, and Reporting Procedure, it also supports the Club's overall aims for diversity and inclusion which are to ensure that:

  • Tennis is diverse and inclusive
  • Diversity and inclusion are embedded in our club’s culture and behaviours
  • TTC creates a culture where inclusive leadership thrives
  • TTC takes a proactive approach using positive action to ensure that communities and individuals are valued and able to achieve their full potential.

The TTC Diversity Policy is available by selecting the following link.

Diversity Policy