Forgotten Clubspark log-in details?

Most Members have registered with Clubspark, but not all.  Just because you've received a payment request from Clubspark doesn't necessarily mean that you've registered, unless you paid your membership online via Clubspark.

How you log-in to Clubspark depends on how you originally set up your Clubspark registration.  If you registered with Clubspark by using your email and creating a password, use that.

If you registered using your LTA log-in, use that.  Your LTA username appears at the top of any communication you get from the Lawn Tennis Association / British Tennis Membership.  You created your username when you first signed up as a British Tennis Member.  You also created your LTA password at that time.

If you registered via a social media account, use that.

  • Forgotten your LTA or Clubspark password?  You'll find links to follow when you're asked to log in on the Court Booking page.
  • Not yet registered?  When you're asked to log in on the Court Booking page, you'll find a link to follow to register.  You can then register by creating a Clubspark account, or by using your LTA credentials or social media account.

If you have any problems with this, email the Secretary here.