League Fixtures

Wood Vale competes in the East Division of the Middlesex Summer League and the Middlesex Winter (Floodlight) League. In the summer league, we have three men's teams and four women's teams, and in the winter league we have three men's and three women's teams. All these matches are played in the evenings, mid-week, and normally start at 6.30pm. We play both at home and away, depending on how the fixtures fall. Our teams have done well in the past two or three years and are slowly moving up the divisions. We also have a Mixed Vets team, which plays either daytime mid-week or on a Sunday afternoon.

Right: one of our men's teams and their opponents enjoying themselves post-match 

Our team captains are as follows:


Men’s 1 | Matt Ford

Men’s 2 | Billy Maqueen

Men’s 3 | 

Women's 1 | Margaret Cullum

Women's 2 | 

Women's 3 | 

Women's 4 | Lisa Marple


Men's 1 | Matt Ford

Men's 2 | Billy Maqueen

Men's 3 | 

Women's 1 | Margaret Cullum

Women's 2 | Karen Davies

Women's 3 | Lisa Marple

Midweek Mixed Vets |  Gillian Collin


All match fixtures, both home and away, can be seen on the Club Calendar 

The Middlesex Summer League fixture schedule can be downloaded here.