Team Tennis

What is Team Tennis

Team Tennis is a national tournament organised by the LTA. Local clubs compete against one another in a round robin box and the team with the most wins is declared the winner. After every match the two teams sit down to eat and chat.

Half the fixtures are home matches where we welcome the opposition to our Club and show them our hospititality. The remaining matches are played away at our opposition's venue.


The Format

Each fixture consists of:

  • 4 singles and 2 doubles matches.
  • Each match is the best of 3 shorts sets, with a championship tiebreak in set 3
  • If the teams are tied, to decide the match there is a 'shootout'  with 2 singles games and 1 doubles, each consisting of a Championship tiebreak 



ALL fixtures are played on Sundays with the time decided by the two captains in advance of the day. The matches are played on set dates between April and July. The dates are released in early February. 


Men's Team 



Women's Team