Adult Coaching

Adult Group Coaching

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Adult Individual Lessons 

We are looking forward to opening up enquiries for individual lessons at Woodend. All queries should go through Verena, either by email at, or via text at 07305544646.

We would like to mention that individual lessons will be possible based on availability of coaches, courts, and also the time of the year. For example, we may not be able to do individual lessons if there is a tournament or event being held at the club, and the amount of coaching in the winter may reduce due to weather.

If there is a high amount of individual lesson requests, semi-individual lessons or small group sessions are more likely to get a time slot as this will allow us to cater to more members. So if you know other members of a similar level, or would like a joint lesson with your doubles partner, please let us know as well. 


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We may also be able to provide hitting sessions - please get in touch for more information.