Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions:

Why have you made these changes to the performance programme?

All performance groups have now been amalgamated into one comprehensive squad. This alignment mirrors the structure of many successful performance centres, and it's a model I believe would greatly benefit us here in Wrexham. The consolidated squad fosters a collaborative environment, allowing players to work together, experience diverse team dynamics, and benefit from various coaching perspectives. Additionally, this setup enables higher-level players to serve as role models for younger players. 

What happens if it rains if we are outdoors?

  • Most sessions will go ahead in poor weather. Please assume in the first instance that all sessions will go ahead and bring suitable waterproof or cold weather clothes for the conditions. 
  • If the Coach decides that a session needs to be cancelled before the session begins, or before 20 minutes into the session, this session will be credited with another session. If at least 20 minutes of the session is coached then credit can be claimed.
  • If the weather is poor then please check the WhatsApp Channel approximately one hour before your session. (Coaches will not be able to respond individually to texts, e-mails or calls querying the weather).
  • Sometimes, decisions will be taken last minute, as the weather is so changeable.  While we are always keen for sessions to go ahead, please respect that the health and safety of our players and coaches is our first consideration. 


What is the difference between performance, recreation & development? 

Recreational is aimed towards the social player who are doing it for the social side and to stay active. Development is for the player who is at club level and does not compete outside the club. Performance players are players where tennis is their main sport, they compete regularly and are at county or above level. 

How do I book a court at the temporary venue in the day?

To book a court at Bellevue, please follow this link: BOOK BELLEVUE

Are the costs of the programme staying the same whilst at the temporary venue?

Yes, unless you have been contacted the costs will remain.