Development Project 2024 - Wrexham Tennis Centre - FEB update! 

What's happening? 

The Centre is having a full facelift including roof, courts, lighting, public areas, café, & changing facilities. This is being made possible by SPF government funding & the LTA via grants & loans.

Introducing Padel 

The development will also include the introduction of new PADEL TENNIS courts at the front of the 
building. These will be the first public Padel courts in North Wales

When will it start? 

Hedges have already been cut back in preparation. We are currently in the tender process with 
potential contractors with building work starting 15th April.

How long will it take?

Building work will take about 9 months to complete over a series of phases with a finish date in early 2025

Can I still play?

YES – But initially this will be at alternative venues. The work will be phased to open courts as soon as possible, but initially local courts will be used to maintain coaching and other programs.

What about RPM Fitness & Physio? 

Physiotherapy services will be leaving the site to make way for new changing facilities. The Gym will close during works, re-opening in early 2025

What about the cafe & bar?

The reception and social area including the bar and café will be closed for the whole project. Priority is being given to getting the courts back in action first and the social spaces after.

We will update you more at the end of March when the main contractor is appointed and timelines agreed. This will include program updates. 

We appreciate there will be a lot of disruption in 2024 and we Thankyou for your patience! 

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