Adult Teams

York Tennis Club has a terrific number of adult tennis teams that participate in local leagues, the Yorkshire League and even national competitions.

The club also arranges friendly matches with local clubs and universities. The opportunity to play in fun, internal competitions is also available.

Members can also access our internal tennis ladder to meet new people and play some friendly matches. 

We are always welcoming to new players and would encourage anyone that is keen to play tennis at any level to get in touch with us!


Brand New Singles Ladder 

The tennis club is delighted to introduce a new mixed singles ladder (provided by PlayWaze) aimed at getting people out on court for some friendly games of tennis. We think it will be an excellent addition and want to encourage players of all standards to join the fun.

We have so many fantastic members of various levels and want you to be able to practice and play as much as possible. This ladder will give you the opportunity to meet new people, practice some singles and improve your game. 


You can access Playwaze via a browser or download the app. There is more functionality in the browser version than the app. You can still join via your phone/tablet through the browser.

Once you've registered and joined York Tennis Club Community then simply scroll down to the Ladder section and sign up to our Singles Ladder. Please get in touch with Adam de Vries ([email protected]) to let him know you have signed up so that he can add you to the ladder. Then you're ready to go.

Register for our singles ladder here!

The Rules

A ladder match will last for one set. You can enter a result against anyone who is 3 or fewer spaces from you in the ladder. If you win, you move above them in the ladder.

To arrange matches, you just have to contact the person either through Playwaze or directly if you have their contact details already. Messages sent through Playwaze just get sent to the persons email.

Results can be entered into Playwaze either through the website by selecting the Enter Result button at the top of the ladder or the Add Result button if you are using the app. You will then be prompted to enter the two participants, select a winner and enter the score. You can optionally include a note about the match. Everyone in the ladder will be able to see the list of results by selecting the Results (website) or Matches (app) tab.