When can I play?

We have some great members who are organising Club tournaments, Social tennis, Fixed Fours, Ladies Tea & tennis and singles/double box league matches and we want you to get involved.

Social Tennis is on every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday to all members and offers the chance for a guest to find out about the club before joining - the first session is free! You will then need to pay a guest fee of £5 per session (maximum of 3 visits when you will be invited to join the club). 

The days and times are: 

Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00

Friday 10:00 - 12:00

Sunday 10:30 - 12:30

There are other social events organised and the best person to chat about these is Paul Levie, who organises lots of matches and will introduce you to other players. He also runs fixed four sessions every Monday & Thursday morning 11-1 and every Wednesday evening 7.30-9 pm.

Keith Rowe runs a singles ladder at Cary Park so if you're interested please contact him at rowekeith25@googlemail.com

The club also plays in local league matches and we have a number of teams getting out there having fun and doing Cary Park proud. Contact Mike Coleman or Samantha Knapman if you are interested in playing.

There's lots going on, so if you're having trouble getting involved just let us know and we will help. We want you on the court keeping fit and having fun!!