Coach Support

The LTA has a structured coaching pathway in place that enables coaches to progress from a Level 1 LTA Assistant to developing players at an elite standard with the Level 5 Master Club Coach qualification. This structure means that coaches may progress through this pathway as far as they wish and within timescales to suit the individual coach. As each level becomes progressively more intensive, the length of the course, and the costs, increase.

The County recognises that the qualifications require a high degree of commitment from the coach and also appreciates the financial obligations in paying the fees at the start of the course and loss of earnings attending the modules. The County would like to support its coaches to develop individually and increase the quality of tennis coaching for players and clubs in Cheshire.

The Coach Support Scheme has been proposed to assist the coaches with their professional development as well as motivating them to complete the course and share their new expertise across the County. The Scheme will contribute a total of 50% of the cost of the course in return for coaching hours in lieu. Due to financial constraints, not all applicants will be successful but more information may be found in the application forms. Applicants must be members of a registered Cheshire club.

Applications must be made when you have been accepted onto the course but BEFORE the course has started. Applications cannot be made retrospectively.

The Application Form for Levels 1 and 2 may be found here.

The Application Form for Levels 3 to 5 may be found here.