Simon Timson LTA Performance Director launched a new performance strategy for 2018 to 2028

With the Vision:

Make GB one of the most respected nations in the world for player development


Create a pathway for British champions that nurtures people, teams and leaders

Key Areas in the strategy will be Regional Training and County Training these 2 areas will be important steps along the player pathway to National Age Group Programme.

From September 2019 2 full time academies will come on stream at Loughborough and Stirling.

To assist in the role out of this plan the following staff will be involved in our region.

·         Richard Plews. National Age-Group Coach North & U14 Boys Age-Group Captain

·         Chris Peet. Regional Pathway Coach North

·         Andy Wilkinson. Lead County Pathway Coordinator North

Regional Training will be run weekly in the North West at (Bolton) and North East (South Leeds) led by Chris Peet. This is by invitation only following a selection criteria.

County Training will be run monthly for players aged 8 to 18 we are using a central venue in the county Birchwood to host a majority of the camps but we will also be using David Lloyd Cheadle and Cheshire Oaks to fill any gaps. This will be by invitation only following a selection criteria.

The camp calendar has been planned to avoid Grade 2 to 4 events therefore all players will be able to attend camps allowing age group captains to get to know the players better over the camps and make stronger selections. Attendance at County Camps will form part of the selection criteria.