April 2021: we can't do social tennis yet but we are running social afternoons which members can sign up for.  Other competition opoportunities are as follows:

  • A Box League, providing for singles matches between players of similar ability.  For more details please click on these two documents: Box League general guide v920  and Box League player guide 2019. The general guide gives info on the new scoring system used in ties from November 2019.
  • American Tournaments linked to social events throughout the season - we hope to run these again soon.
  • Annual Club Tournaments foer Seniors and Juniors. The  senior tournament features several separate doubles and singles competitions including handicap and over-50s events. This year's competition has now been announced (June 2021).
  • Other competitions for juniors eg Family Cup
  • Junior league matches now in progress (June 2021)
  • Matches against other clubs in the East of Scotland League. These are up and running. We now have  three men's and two women's teams.