2.6 Challenge

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Our tennis club is a charity and we want to keep providing tennis for the community.
Like lots of community venues, we currently have very little income coming in.
The club has signed up to the 2.6 challenge to help raise some income and have fun at the same time
The 2.6 challenge is to complete some sort of exercise around the numbers 2.6 or 26. This could be measured in distance, time, number of or whatever you think of!
You could bounce the ball 26 times, run 2.6 miles, you dance to burn off 26 calories or you could do a 2.6 minute plank.
Please remember to follow all Government guidelines on social distancing and exercising.
 Do you want to take up the challenge?
If so,
Step one: pick an activity or think of something completely out there!
Have a look at the 2.6 Challenge website or watch this video of the club's coaches ideas.
If you want, send us a video of your activity.
Step two: if you want, donate to the club, click here.