LTA Youth

At Langside Tennis Club, we follow the LTA Youth programme to teach all our players the essential skills required to learn the game at a young age. 

LTA Youth is a tennis programme designed to give you skills for life. Everyone aged 4-18 is welcome; any shape, size, ability – it doesn’t matter. We just want to see you pick up a racket. 

To discover more, take a look around the pages below and get ready to Level Up your skills with LTA Youth.

Never held a racket? No problem, our specially trained LTA Youth coaches will adapt to each individual, to help bring out their best in a safe, secure environment. All kids need to bring is their creative energy, because the programme is designed to grow as they do. Smaller courts and softer balls develop into the real deal as they pick up all the skills and know-how they need.

It will take your youngster to the next level; you’ll see it in their confidence, their skills and even their concentration at school. Not to mention keeping them fit and active. Add some healthy competition to teach them about good sportsmanship (because we all have bad days) and you’ve got a set of skills for life.

LTA Youth has 5 stages:

  • Blue: 4-6 years - Learn the basics

  • Red: 6-9 years - Serve, rally and score

  • Orange: 8-11 years - Develop a rounded game

  • Green: 9-12 years - Test your skills

  • Yellow: 10+ years - Take your skills further


Players should start at level 4 of their colour and will then move to levels 3, 2 and 1 as directed by the coaching team.

All players enrolled in classes are encouraged to compete at the appropriate level both in club and further afield. If this is of interest, please speak to the Coach running your class who will be able to offer advice relevant to your child.

All classes are block bookings unless otherwise stated and are bookable through the Clubspark booking system.

Blue Stage 

(Age 4-6)

Young kids are bundles of energy just running around without a care in the world. But the programme is designed to finesse their fine motor skills like balance, agility and coordination. At this stage, it’s not about winning or losing but just getting to grips with the basics.

Red Stage

(Age 6-8)

This looks a bit more like the tennis you know; overarm serves, rallies, scoring. Kids can use their new knowledge to play in competitions as teams or individuals. It’s still softballs and small courts but they’re learning everything they’ll need for the game ahead.

Orange Stage

(Age 8-9)

All the skills they’ve been learning are turning them into tennis Titans. Time to throw in some tactics, extra techniques, problem-solving and leadership too; they’re becoming Mini Muzza’s before your eyes.

Green Stage

(Age 9-10)

Where does the time go? They’re fast approaching moody teenagers and so it’s time to let them loose on real, full-sized courts. Now it’s all about fine tuning and refining the techniques they’ve learned over the years. Welcome to the Big Leagues, junior.

Yellow Stage

(Age 10+)

At the Yellow stage, children are now playing on a full-size court with the balls the professionals use. Children will continue to explore different game styles and start to find their own. They will evolve through well-rounded motor skills development whilst improving their physical capacities.