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Optimal Tennis Philosophy

The 3 branches of the Optimal Tennis Tree are:

  1. Love Tennis. We want players to love playing, competing and learning and create a positive environment for this to flourish. 
  2. Optimise Performance. We teach through combining constraint led-games combined with the most up to date methods in technical, mental and physical training.
  3. Love Competitions. We want to get children and adults competing in tennis as soon as possible. Tennis is sometimes behind other sports in this way but we aim to 'flip the switch' and want as many players as possible to have the chance to compete.

Why Choose Optimal Tennis?

  • We train players to THINK and COMPETE as well as hit. Our constraint-led approach helps children develop practical tennis skills for matches quicker than ever before and accelerates skill acquisition. We love biomechanics and optimising shots but this is only a small part of the overall training. The Head Heart and Legs of the player are the starting points. If the player 'Performs' they give themselves the best possible chance to play their best and regardless of the outcome, improve.  We look at whether the player is ready to perform, compete and move?  Are they able to react to whatever is thrown their way? Can they analyse and solve problems, even when the chips are down and have the resilience to fight to the end and reflect in order to continue to improve going forwards?
  • Low Group Sizes -   Quality before Quantity. Group numbers are kept low to help players improve as fast as possible. We believe in providing 'value added' tennis coaching and can help your child progress at the fastest possible rate and reach their potential. 
  • Led by Head Coach John Moore, RPT International Professional, LTA CCA (Performance) Level 4 Coach, Former RPT Biomechanics Advisor and Langevad Sports Biometrics Practitioner. Utilise advanced biomechanics and video analysis to improve your play and minimise the risk of injury.
  • A Gateway to County Tennis and beyond - We are committed to helping all children reach their full potential and support all children on our programme to be considered for county and national tennis and the LTA Performance Pathway, as well as UK and US University Scholarships. 

Encouraging players onto the LTA Performance pathway, to watch the video, click here


Optimal Tennis (formerly Adel Tennis Academy) deliver fantastic small group and individual tennis lessons for all ages and abilities.

Head Coach John Moore, has spent many years studying tennis biomechanics and worked as a Biomechanics Advisor for the RPT as well as working with Australian Biomechanist Brad Langevad (coach to Pat Cash / former coach to Greg Rusedski and consultant to a number of ATP players). This in depth technical knowledge goes far beyond the content of standard tennis coaching courses. Utilising this gives children and adults an opportunity to improve their game quicker, move more efficiently, hit more efficeintly and minimise the risk of injuries.

Entry Points for Children Getting Started in Tennis.

Schools Tennis 

The entry point for a lot of tennis players is our wonderful schools programme, for more details please click here. We have a vibrant schools tennis programme and over the last year have carried out lessons in many schools in North Leeds including, GSAL, Allerton CE Primary, St Paul's RC Primary, Westbrook Lane Primary, St Mary's Primary and Adel St John Primary.

LTA Youth Start (Formerly Tennis for Kids)

Another entry point for children are our Tennis for Kids courses. These are a great starting point for children to learn tennis. Nationally tennis for kids courses typically accept 10 children we limit to 6 at the same cost! Children receive a 6 week course of 1 hour tennis lessons as well as a racket, personalised t-shirt and mini tennis red balls. All of this for just £34.99 (price set nationally by the LTA)

Schools Tennis and LTA Youth Start Courses are the entry point for many  children into tennis and from here they have the opportunity through our pathway scheme to progress into Mini Tennis Classes, then into Mini and Junior Tennis Teams including internal and external competitions, county tennis and LTA Performance Competitions, and we have children who have gone onto receive US Tennis Scholarships. 

Mini Tennis 

Mini Tennis Blue and Red (ages 4 - 8) 

Mini Tennis Blue and Red classes are for children aged 5 - 8. Classes use mini tennis red courts, balls and nets  play mini tennis red in line with the LTA National Mini Tennis Framework.  Children gain from overall co-ordination and movement exercises at a young age as well as gaining skills from experts in tennis technique helping children to progress at the fastest possible rate, develop efficeint shots which maximise potential and minimise injury risk from the start as well as learning tactics, movement and mental tennis skills.

Mini Tennis Red is played on a roughly badminton sized court using Mini Tennis Red Balls, these are slightly larger than regular tennis balls and bounce 75% slower. Mini Tennis Red is played over smaller nets with children using smaller rackets (typically between 19 and 23 inch in length).  If you need assistance with choosing a tennis racket for your child, please let us know.

Mini Tennis Orange (ages 8-9) - (Next Half Term's Classes to be announced shortly)

Our Mini Tennis Programme provides children with great continuation of the work done at mini tennis red, with increased technical refinement of all shots, increased and varied movemement and multi-skill co-ordination exercies and tactical development.

Bambino Tennis / Mini Tennis Blue - Give your child 4 - 6 a great start in tennis. 

Mini Tennis Red - Specifically designed tennis lessons for children aged 6 - 8. Played on a badmington size court using either a mini tennis red ball (outdoor) or a sponge ball (indoor). 

Mini Tennis Orange, sees children play over the main tennis net (albeit at the lower height of 80cm) on a roughly three quarter size court using a mini tennis orange ball which is 50% slower than a standard tennis ball. 

Mini Tennis Green (ages 9-10)

Mini Tennis Green is played on a full size tennis court over a full height net with the only difference being the use of mini tennis green balls which are 25% slower than regular tennis balls. This allows children to helpfully transition from mini tennis to senior tennis which will be played from this time onwards. 

Junior Tennis (ages 10 - 18)

Junior tennis builds on the foundation of mini tennis, honing the skills learnt in mini tennis.

Children progress through club groups into club teams, both junior and adult and into County Tennis as well as LTA Performance Competitions and we have also helped children gain US University Tennis Scholarships.

If you have any questions about any of the classes we are running, please email or call John Moore on the following:


Telephone: 07896636173



BAMBINO TENNIS (tots tennis ages 2-6) - brand new programme coming soon / 'incorporating LTA Mini Tennis Blue'

We are developing a brand new Programme, for our youngest starters aged 2-6, called 'Bambino Tennis'.  

We are designing a new syallabus, incorporating all the co-ordination, orientation, rythm, differentiation, movemement and racket skills the youngest children need, setting them up perfectly for a lifetime of success in tennis and other ball sports. The younger the child the more general ball and movement skills will increasingly be integrated into tennis specific training.

Bambino Tennis Videos Coming Soon



Where we teach

Here are the Optimal Tennis locations. To visit, select a location.

  1. Holt Park

    Holt Road, Cookridge, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS16 7QD

  2. Leeds Trinity University College

    Leeds Trinity University College, Brownberrie Lane, Horsforth, LEEDS, Yorkshire, LS18 5HD

  3. The Hollies

    Weetwood Lane, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS16 5NZ

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