Playing in matches

Priors Tennis Club takes a fairly relaxed view on matches - they are meant to be fun, and we like to give anyone who wants a go a chance to play in a match.  We say fairly relaxed, because of course we all still love to win!

That said, there are some rules and conventions about playing in the Banbury League matches which all match players must adhere to:



  • The team captain / match secretary must make a note of all the upcoming matches and circulate them to all potential players, and choose teams accordingly
  • You must contact your opposite number at the opposing Club at least 4 days before the match to confirm it is going ahead, and discuss contingency plans if the weather fails - this is particularly your responsibility with home matches, but it doesn't hurt to make contact with away matches too.
  • Reschedule any matches that get cancelled, and email Art at Banbury Tennis Leagues so he can update the schedule.
  • Remind your chosen team for any home matches about paying for match balls and providing refreshments - see below.
  • Appoint an acting captain on the day if you are not playing yourself, and make sure they have a scoresheet
  • Chase the acting captain for the completed scoresheet straight after the match, and upload the results onto Playwaze, ideally same day.
  • At the end of the season, review who played in the home matches and calculate their owings for balls - home players are expected to pay £2.50 at every home match to cover the cost of the balls. Inform each player what they need to pay, and aske them to pay it into the Club account - sort code 40:42:15 Account number 71472224



  • If the team captain / match secretary is not playing themselves, then one of the team must be appointed as acting Captain for the match.
  • At home matches, the acting Captain is responsible for downloading a score sheet (latest one here), and for filling it in correctly, and getting the opposing team captain to approve it.
  • They must then submit it to the team captain / match secretary by the end of the same day (take a photo and text it to them!) so that the results can be uploaded promptly.
  • At away matches, the acting Captain is responsible for looking over the scoresheet that the opposing captain has completed, and approving it. They should also take a photo of it and send to the team captain / match secretary so that they can check the opposing team submits the scores correctly to the league.



  • If you've said you are keen to play, please be conscious of the complicated job the team captain / match secretary has to get teams together, and make yourself as available as you can.
  • If you've been asked to play a match, don't drop out last minute unless you really can't avoid it.  Give as much notice as you can so a replacement can be found. (Be aware that if a match is cancelled last minute and not because of weather, the opponents can if they choose claim a walkover. That means they gain 8 points and you lose 8 points. Yikes!!)
  • If it's a home match, agree with the rest of your team in advance what you are all going to bring to serve as refreshments afterwards.  Don't forget fresh milk for teas and coffees!
  • If it's a home match, the home players are expected to contribute £2.50 for balls. The Match Secretary will review who has played home matches at the end of the League season, and will contact you to let you know what you owe. Please pay owings into the Club account sort code 40:42:15 Account number 71472224 and let the Match Secretary know you've done this.
  • If it's a home match, be at the courts by latest 10am for morning matches or 1pm for afternoon. Your help may be needed to clear leaves from the courts if it's an Autumn match, and you need to help check there are sufficient mugs, plates etc for tea afterwards. And you need time for a good warm-up!
  • If it's an away match, make sure you arrive sometime between 10-1015am for morning matches and 1-115pm for afternoon.  Start times are 1030am and 130pm sharp - you can be penalised if you are late, by forfeiting the first set.
  • If it's a home match, take your turn at taking the mugs and plates etc home with you afterwards to wash and bring them back again.  Don't just leave it to the same person every time!
  • During play, remember that the server must call the score after every point.  Call it loud and clear, so there can be no mistake.
  • If you see clearly an opponent's ball was out, call it with confidence and without hesitation. If your partner calls it, back them up if necessary. But if you are unsure, be generous - suggest playing the point again. 
  • And above all - enjoy it!  Smile and have fun. We want Priors Tennis Club to have a reputation for being the friendliest club in the league - the one that everyone looks forward to playing against - as well as for serving the best teas... :-)