Performance Tennis at Riverside Tennis Club

"I never lose. I either win or learn" Nelson Mandela.....

No one said it would be easy but we constantly improve, learn alot about ourselves, prepare for the rollercoaster of life, love the challenge and never ever give up.....


With our philosophy of continual evoution and a mindset which allows for players to express themsleves on court , we have a strong history of helping to produce the best players in the County. We have a proven track record of guiding children through to fulfil their potential - our Head of Performance Coach has taught players through to Junior Wimbledon.


We are proud to be a part of LTA Local Player Development Centres and run a Mini Tennis ACERS, RIPPERS & HOT SHOTS 1 programme for Children 10 and under who have just started their tennis journey. Players who have graduated from this move into our Riverside Performance 1, 2 or 3 squads depending on age and ability. Those committed and skillfull enough to be in our top squads enjoy a full competitive schedule, fitness programme, technical coaching, squads, individuals and tournament trips with coaches. Extra training throughout the holidays takes place at strategic times of the year to help participants on the programme peak at important times. 


All Performance training is by invite only - you can check out the criteria and squads we run here. If you'd like to discuss your child's tennis journey please contact Mat Dunkley [Head of Performance]


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