How to Book

The easiest way to check court availability and make a booking is with the Booker app from your phone. 

Download the iPhone app

Download the Android app


Booking a court on line is simple and quick.  You can book online following the steps below: 

Step 1: Register on our website (first visit only)

Step 2:  Check availability, book and pay (non-members only) for a court on a time and date of your choice using the online calendar 

Step 3: Follow the instructions about court access in the confirmatory email you will receive.

Things you need to know: 

  • You will need to bring your own racquets and balls
  • You must wear suitable footwear (non-marking sports shoes)
  • Ensure you play on the court you have booked (numbered 1-8)
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • If you are the last on the courts, please lock the gate as you leave, and return the key to the key safe on the cabin wall.

Full terms and conditions of using the courts.

Our Club takes the safeguarding and welfare of young and vulnerable players very seriously.  For more information and guidance on reporting any concerns, please refer to the LTA website

If you need further help with booking courts for Pay and Play tennis, or wish to leave any feedback, please get in touch with us at the Club

We hope you enjoy your tennis.  If you wish to consider joining the Club, more information on membership can be found here


Addtional information for MEMBERS only:

Junior members can not book courts themselves, but courts can be booked by adult members for junior members to play.  Junior members aged 13 years and over can play unsupervised.  Below this age, junior players must be under the supervision of a responsible adult.

Ball Machine Bookings

Members (over 18 Only if playing alone, or if Junior, must be accompanied by an over 18) are able to book out and use the ball machine free of charge. The machine can be booked out in the Booking module. 

Please Note:- Before use, Members must attend mandatory training  so as to be aware of the Health & Safety considerations (it's a mighty powerful piece of kit). Contact me, Tony Griffiths on 07415 879141 or e-mail:

  • The ball machine is battery powered - please allow at least 1 hour (ideally 2 hours), after it has been used to allow time for it to fully recharge.

To book the ball machine, go to the Booking screen and select the date you want.  The ball machine is listed to the right of Court 8 (you need to scroll across to see it).  Once the booking slots are visible for the ball machine, click in the hour session you want and complete the booking as for any other court.   The next step is to book a court for the same time as you have booked the ball machine using the normal court booking process.  Once complete, you should have two bookings for the same time on the same date; one for the ball machine and one for a court on which to use the machine.    

There is a red wire basket of balls for use with the machine in the cabin.  Please use only the balls provided: new balls fill the machine with yellow fluff and cleaning it out is difficult!  

Users are reminded of following:-

  • The ball machien is heavy, please take care when moving it to the courts
  • After use, machine to be plugged back in to recharge, and lock the cable tie to secure the machine in the cupboard
  • Collect all the balls and return to the cabin
  • Any faults must be reported immediately to, and if able, a note added to the store door.