Information for Adult Members 2023

RWB Tennis Club – Adult (over 18) Member Information (April 2024)


A big welcome from all of us at RWB Tennis Club (RWBTC) - We're really looking forward to seeing you on the courts.

Here's some some useful information about how you can get the best of your membership.

Club Nights

Club nights (over 18 only) are a great opportunity to meet new players and practise your skills, in a friendly, social atmosphere. Club Nights are hosted on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6.30 – ~9.00 pm. Afterwards, why not wind down with a drink and/or a snack in the bar with other RWBSA Members?

League Tennis

League tennis is a great way to put all those hours of practice into action. If you would like to play, please reach out to our Club Captains: -

Men - Shaun Smith

Ladies - Kirsten Walker 

Participation in the Club Nights gives the Club Captains the opportunity to see at which level your game is best suited, so please come along and join in as often as you can.

Singles Ladder Tournaments

In addition to the League matches, we also have a Singles Ladder that is held during the winter months. It’s another great opportunity to maximise your membership and is free to join for all members. Please reach out to our Men's Captain, Shaun Smith should you wish to find out more info.


Why not call upon the skills of our resident coaches to help fine tune your game and iron out those faults! They have a wealth of experience between them and are all LTA qualified – If they don’t know how to get you playing to another level, then nobody can! Group and individual 1-2-1 coaching sessions are available throughout the year and as a member, you’re able to receive a discounted rate. For info, please reach out to RWBTC Head Coach, Ali Ward on 07737 592057 (or . More info is available on our Coaching webpage

Court Keys

A key to the courts can be provided - please process £10.00 to the account WBTC: 309841 04992831 and use reference "Key Deposit". Let me, Amanda Sykes know when done, and I’ll loop you with Alan for details as to where to collect your key - deposit is refundable on return. Please note, the key is non-transferrable, thanks.

Court and Ball Machine Bookings

To book a court (free of charge for Cub Members) for a game, or a session with the Ball Machine (must have completed Mandatory training first), please head on over to Booking webpage.

Please note, there are fixed block bookings for Coaching and Matches - these can't be reserved I’m afraid, so best to book early to avoid disappointment.


Visitors (Non-Members) are always welcomed and can play for just £2.50 each per session. Please sign your visitor into the visitors book (within our Cabin, left wall, if open) and place the fee in an envelope (with the book) marked ' Visitors fee for ******(name) on ****** (date)', and put the envelope into the Suggestion Box above the visitors book (If the Visitors Book is not accessible then please email Alan Butler, with the detail and he will make the entry on your behalf. A Visitors Fee can be paid for the same person a maximum of 3 sessions per year – after which, the visitor is expected to join the club to continue using the courts.

Looking for other Members players to play against?

If you are looking for other members to play, we have a ‘WhatsApp’, group called ‘Anyone for Tennis’. You can always find a willing player there who’s willing to join you for a game of singles or doubles. Just drop an email me, Amanda and I'll add you to the group.

Ball machine

If you’d like to hone those groundstrokes to perfection, or simply like chasing around the court...we have a great Ball Machine available for use (Members only). If interested, please contact me, Amanda, and I'll loop you with a trainer so you're familiar with how to use it and be aware of all the H&S aspects. Then you’ll soon be signed off, and “flying solo”.

Sports Association

As a member of RWBTC, you’re automatically are a member of the Royal Wootton Bassett Sports Association and entitled to discounted prices at the Clubhouse Bar and hiring of the facilities. You’ll need to present your Sports Association membership card which you’ll find is now ready for collection from the bar.


We will be organising a series of social and competitive events regularly during the year.  Keep an eye on the Events webpage.  

Club rules and policies

It is important that members read and support the policies, codes of conduct and playing rules which are posted on our website.  Hard copies are also held in our courtside cabin.  Attention is drawn in particular to the Safeguarding Policy, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, Code of Conduct and Playing Rules.  

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility - if you see something, say something. The Club Welfare Officer/s (CWOs) are available to assist/provide advice; contact details for the CWOs (and the LTA if you prefer to contact the Lawn Tennis Association direct) may be found on our website.

Keeping up to date

Most of the club-wide communications are made via email and there is an occasional newsletter also sent out via email.  Please keep an eye out for emails from the Club and if you are in doubt about whether you are receiving them, contact our Membership Secretary, Amanda Sykes. If you change your email address, please sign in to our website, select PROFILE and update it with your new contact information.

For further membership information, please see our ‘Membership Terms & Conditions’, which can be found on our Club Policies webpage.

Best Wishes,

RWBTC Committee