Nomaan was selected as the captain of SYVITC.  He joined in early 2022 having only recently and suddenly become visually impaired. Nomaan says his sight loss left him in a dark place, however,  tennis has helped him feel more normal and part of a friendly group as well as getting back to being physical active, as he once was prior sight loss.  Nomaan also says that the club is not only good for his physical health but also for your mental health.  Nomaan believes that he is much more confident as a person and feels more like my old self.  As captain, Nomaan wants to;

  1. encourage other players by being an example
  2. help coach other players to improve their game where practical
  3. motivate current players to push themselves , take part in tournaments etc
  4. encourage other VI people within the community to join the club and become more active.
  5. support social activities and fundraising at the club