Social calendar

Stamford Tennis Club takes pride in a busy social calendar from open-to-all competitions, taster days at the club house, to evening gatherings at local restaurants and bars for the occasional drink or meal.

Social calendar

We offer a range of social and competitive tennis opportunties to suit all levels of players

Please click on the relevant section to explore options for:

  • Juniors - group coaching, club matchplay and local competitions
  • Adults - group coaching, cardio tennis, social tennis and local leagues
  • Floodlights - how to use our floodlights
  • Ball machine - training and instructions

The following sets out the priority of court use, which is extracted from our Club Regulations:

  • School use
  • Club tournaments
  • Club matches
  • Club group coaching
  • Private members play

The following sets out the agreement with the school for use of the courts during the summer term 2023:

  • The core requirements are that club members should not be in the same "cage" as school pupils under any circumstances; and that the school have visibility over court use during core school hours.
  • We will block out the appropriate times and courts on our Clubspark booking system, to make the rules transparent and easy to follow.
  • As a reminder, the School has priority on court access, and sometimes their needs may change at short notice. Any perceived conflicts on court allocation should be routed through the Committee, please don't enter into debate with school staff or pupils

The following rules are mandatory, and I would ask that all members follow them closely. The following applies during the summer term:

  1. Weekdays, upper four courts (1,2,3,4) - these can be used by members up to 11.30am each day, and after school in the evenings - after 5.30pm Mon-Thurs and after 4pm on Friday.
  2. Weekdays, lower three courts (5,6,7) - these must not be used by club members during school hours (7am to 5.30pm Mon-Thurs, and 7am to 4pm Friday), but can be used after those hours.
  3. Saturdays - all 7 courts may be used for school fixtures in either the morning or the afternoon, and no club members may play during those times. The match times will vary by date, and these will be loaded onto the booking system. All 7 courts are available for use at other times on Saturdays.
  4. Sundays - there are no restrictions on court use on Sundays as the School does not require the courts.
  5. Access to the courts should only be via the STC car park entrance - the courts should not be accessed via the School sports centre.
  6. All courts must be booked on Clubspark.


Q: You note that the school will have visibility of the court bookings, what information can they see?
A: Two senior school staff have access to our booking system, and can see the same information that any member can see i.e. the members name. They do not have access to any personal information, such as email addresses or phone numbers. The two members of staff are the Head of Sport, and Safeguarding lead.

Q:  In previous years, the Tuesday morning social tennis has had to end by 10am, has this now changed?
A: Yes..!  One of the advantages of the new approach is that the top 4 courts are available to members up until 11.30 on all weekdays. The morning PE lessons will take place on the lower 3 courts, plus the Astro courts.

Q: Are we able to use the Astro courts?
A: No, we do not have access to these courts at any time.

Q: I want to play on the practice wall during the weekdays, am I able to do this if there are no pupils in the lower cage?
A: Unfortunately we are not able to use Courts 5-7 at all during school hours, but they are available to book in the evenings and at weekends.

Q: Does this impact on Friday evening after-school coaching?
A: We have access to the courts from 4pm on Fridays, so all group coaching can still take place