Adult Tennis Classes

Adult Tennis Classes - Autumn 2021

We are looking to restart our Adult Tennis Classes shortly and will update this page once we have arranged the schedule. Below is an example of our typical schedule. 

If you are interested in starting Adult Tennis Lessons, please email us at [email protected]

Term Time Schedule

All classes must be booked online (including 'Freeplay')

Day and Time



Tuesday 8.15 am to 9.15 am

'Early Riser - Basket Cases'


Thursday 10am to 11am 



Sunday 9am to 10am

Adult Team Training

Adult Team


All Classes (including Free Play) must be booked online

Details of each of the Classes

'Basket Cases' drills classes are based around fast moving tennis basket drills where participants practice shot combinations from basket drills.  Lots of hitting, lots of movement and a great way to work on your technique and learn tactics. As the class is basket based this allows players of differing standards to participate in the same class together, drills are adapted and made easier for less experienced players and more challenging for more advanced players. 

Free Play - All players can come to the first session free. The class is free at all times to Adel Tennis Club members and non-members pay £6 per class after this. Class limited to 12 players.

Adult Team Training trains adult players at a team level to improve their tactics, technique and matchplay. There is a greater emphasis in this class on tactical play and in particular doubles. There is less emphasis on basket drills and more exercises with a matchplay element.